Giving to the Louis Lasagna Library of Drug Development Science and Policy

For over thirty years, Tufts CSDD has been dedicated to providing strategic information to help drug developers, regulators, and policy makers improve the quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical development, research, and utilization. Our path breaking research has provided critical independent analyses and insight on the pace and nature of new drug development. Building on this reputation, we are committed to meeting new challenges and seizing opportunities to present key information to individuals from industry, government, academia, national organizations, patient advocacy groups, the media, and others interested in issues related to global biopharmaceutical innovation.

What your efforts support:

  •  Developing a web-based bibliography that is user-friendly, searchable, and sortable on demand.
  •  Enhancing the Library collection’s accessibility to a global audience.
  •  Providing information and research assistance to industry professionals, regulators, policy makers, journalists, academic scholars, and the general public in a social-media driven world.
  •  Maintaining the Library’s role as a critical resource for both print and electronic media on pharmaceutical development and regulation.
  •  Cataloging Dr. Louis Lasagna’s personal book collection, which includes several hundred volumes of content that are of historical significance to the study of clinical pharmacology, and to which Dr. Lasagna attached great personal importance throughout his lifetime.

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