Measuring eClinical Data Challenges and Performance

Zachary Smith, MA

Arena International

Online | June 2

Global Trends in R&D

Ken Getz, MBA

IQVIA Institute

Online | June 11

Common Pitfalls that Cause Clinical Trial Delays and How to Avoid Them

Ken Getz, MBA

CenterWatch webinar

Online | June 17

Enhancing Patient Participation Burden Assessment

Ken Getz, MBA

ZS Impact Webinar

Online | June 23

Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trial Execution

Mary Jo Lamberti, PhD

DIA Annual Meeting

Online | June 27 - July 1


Drug Development Pain Points and Challenges

Ken Getz, MBA

BIO NJ Clinical Development Briefing

Online | May 27


The Evolving State of Clinical Trial Execution: Pilots or Permanent Change?

Ken Getz, MBA

ACRP Annual Meeting

Online | May 20


Powered by the Pandemic: How Pharma has Succeeded and How it Will Continue to Embrace Operational Changes Facilitated by COVID-19

Ken Getz, MBA


Online | May 20


Characterizing the Future of Clinical Trials

Ken Getz, MBA

Portland Clinical Research Professionals Northwest Association for Biomedical Research

Online | May 5



New Benchmarks on Protocol Design Practices and Their Impact on Clinical Trial Performance and Efficiency

Michael Wilkinson, MPH, Zak Smith, MS, Ken Getz MBA

MCC Study Quality Trailblazer Group Meeting

Online | March 10


Anticipating Changes in Clinical Trial Design and Execution Post Pandemic

Ken Getz, MBA

Clinical Development and Innovation Forum 2021

Online | March 9


Accelerating Drug Development During the Pandemic - Lessons Learned and Their Implications

Ken Getz, MBA

SCOPE Virtual Summit for Clinical Ops Executives

Online | March 2



Predictive Dosing to Reduce Clinical Trial Risk

Ken Getz, MBA


Online | February 10



Leveraging Patient and Participant Input to Optimize Protocol Design

Ken Getz, MBA

Trial Innovation Network

Online | January 4