Tufts CSDD Reports

Tufts CSDD is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date information on critical drug development issues, R&D operations & efficiency, drug utilization, and regulatory performance & initiatives.

Tufts CSDD presents original analyses and insights on a host of critical drug development topics through its annual Tufts CSDD Outlook, bi-monthly Tufts CSDD Impact Reports, and quarterly Tufts CSDD R&D Management Reports. These publications have been developed to provide a clear and concise presentation of timely research, perspectives, and ideas.

Our subscription-based reports include:

Tufts CSDD Impact Report (6 issues): $480
Tufts CSDD R&D Management Report (4 issues): $795

For more information on other Tufts CSDD reports, including journal publications, commentaries, and media coverage of the Tufts CSDD Research Staff, click here.

Tufts CSDD eBooks

Tthe newest additions to our publication catalogue, Tufts CSDD eBooks are a comprehensive compendia of Tufts CSDD research findings. Offered in long-form digital format for mobile or desktop consumption, Tufts CSDD eBooks provide timely and highly relevant e-reference materials to inform the research-based pharma and biotech industry, as well as other stakeholders involved in new medicines development.

White Papers and Research Reports

As part of Tufts CSDD's research offerings, we work with sponsor organizations on projects involving the compilation of source information and the review and analysis of significant R&D trends. At the conclusion of a given project, Tufts CSDD may prepare a summary report that intended for submitted for publication in a trade or peer-review journal, as well as customized reports for sponsoring organizations. Below are some recent examples of our unique white papers:

Industry Usage of Social and Digital Media Communities in Clinical Research (May 2014)

Tufts CSDD convened a working group of 20 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and contract research organizations (CROs) to assess current and anticipated use of social and digital media communities in clinical research; to identify challenges, receptivity and concerns about usage; and to develop a comprehensive set of management principles and policies designed to optimize the value and minimize risk posed by social and digital media use in clinical research.

A New Tool for Predicting Marketing Approval of Oncology Drugs (Dec 2013)

Tufts CSDD and Janssen Research & Development (JRD) collaborated on a pilot study to develop and test a model capable of predicting the likelihood of marketing approval for oncology NMEs and NBEs. The study assessed the predictive power of select new compound characteristics. 

The Adoption and Impact of Adaptive Trial Designs (May 2013)

Tufts CSDD hosted and facilitated a Senior Leadership roundtable on February 13, 2013 in Boston to discuss the adoption and impact of adaptive design clinical trials. Forty senior executives from a variety of cross-functional areas participated including clinical research and development, biostatistics, project management, and clinical operations. In addition, perspectives from the Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency were represented.

Academic-Industry Partnerships for Biopharmaceutical Research & Development: Advancing Medical Science in the U.S (Apr 2012)

A new study by the Tufts University Center for the Study of Drug Development explores the breadth and nature of partnerships between biopharmaceutical companies and academic medical centers (AMCs).