Tufts CSDD Courses and Forums

Tufts CSDD hosts a wide variety of educational programs to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals succeed in the global marketplace by providing the best and most current information on the management, strategy, and science of drug development. Tufts CSDD programs, taught by internationally recognized industry practitioners, regulators, and academics, provide the information necessary for professionals to meet the dual objectives of career advancement and R&D efficiency improvement.

Leadership for Drug Development Teams Course

This fast-paced two-day workshop brings together team leaders, program managers, functional directors and scientists from across the industry to build leadership skills for cross-functional R&D efforts. Created specifically for pharmaceutical professionals, this highly interactive, case-based program teaches you how to lead multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate effectively in face of the increasingly complex challenges of life science innovation. Learn more.

2020 Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development and Regulation

Tufts CSDD’s highly acclaimed, five-day Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development and Regulation provides advanced instruction in practical and technical problem-solving in the areas of clinical pharmacology, drug development & clinical trial strategies, biopharmaceutical development, drug safety, and new drug regulation. Learn more.

Tufts CSDD Multi-Company Working Groups

Tufts CSDD launched its Multi-Company Working Group Series in 2009, and interest in this collaborative approach to problem-solving skyrocketed. These dynamic and interactive programs have generated critical insights into R&D strategy, industry trends, and best practices. Learn more.

On-Site Drug Development Training Courses

Tufts CSDD is now offering a two-day, On-Site Drug Development Training Course, which covers basic principles of the drug development process, R&D strategy and regulatory science, as well as cutting-edge approaches to improving the efficiency and productivity of pharmaceutical R&D. These programs are geared toward the specific needs of individual companies and can be customized to cover specific topics of interest. We’re very excited to offer this new in-house drug development training course. Learn more.

Leadership in Medical Affairs Course (Online)

Tufts CSDD in partnership with IFAPP Academy is a now offering a new six-week online course, as a complement to the IFAPP-Kings College London, Medical Affairs in Medicines Development Professional Certification Program. This specialized leadership course will combine theoretical leadership principles, with relevance in Medical Affairs, and practical applications to provide professionals with an understanding on how to deliver value to an organization by translating real-world data, clinical outcomes, and other data insights into innovative solutions for patient needs and pharmaceutical challenges to allow for improved business development. Students will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders while participating in business case discussions, lectures, webinars, forums, and panel discussions, entirely online. Learn more.

Course Registration FAQ

Q: I purchased my course registration on the tufts web store. When do i receive a confirmation email? 

A: If you purchase a registration during the business hours of 9:00 AM EST and 5:00 PM EST Monday-Friday, you should receive your confirmation email that day. 

Q: My company wants to bring a group to the course. Do we receive a discount? 

A: Yes. Companies or organizations that would like to register three or more individuals are eligible for a discounted rate. Please email csdd@tufts.edu to find out more information. 

Q: How do I know if i am eligible for a sponsor discount?

A: Please email us at csdd@tufts.edu to find out if your company sponsors Tufts CSDD.