Multi-Company Working Groups

Meeting industry’s goal of improved R&D efficiency often depends on the willingness of individual companies to share with their industry peers insights gleaned from experiences with different R&D operating models and strategies. Moreover, by sharing internal drug development metrics, timely and reliable industry-wide benchmarks can be generated, which can lead to operational changes and improved performance.

As an independent and neutral academic research group, Tufts CSDD is in a unique position to convene such a group of companies, collect and analyze proprietary data, solicit insights, and prepare objective reports. We call this our Multi-Company Working Group program, and it has led to the creation of many compelling analyses, invaluable benchmarks, and novel insights into the drug development process.

If you have any questions or would like addition information regarding Sponsored Research or Multi-Company Working Groups, please e-mail us.

Current Multi-Company Working Group Projects

  • Developing a Patient-Centricity Audit: Benchmarking Patient Engagement Initiatives in Pharma and CROs - Status: currently enrolling

  • Evaluating the Process of Adopting Operating Innovations - Status: currently enrolling

  • Pharmacovigilance Operations and Strategy - Status: currently enrolling

  • Use of Machine Learning And AI in Clinical Research - Expected completion date: early May

  • Vendor Qualification Working Group Study - Status: currently enrolling