Academic and Other Partnerships

Fudan SCDDD-Tufts CSDD Training Course for Drug R&D: First graduating class, November 2015

Fudan SCDDD-Tufts CSDD Training Course for Drug R&D: First graduating class, November 2015

Fudan University, Shanghai, China

In March 2014, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Shanghai Center for Drug Discovery & Development (SCDDD) at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. The Fudan Center is led by Professor and Director Dr. Liming Shao, who also holds an adjunct faculty appointment at Tufts University School of Medicine.

The goals of the collaborative agreement, as described in the MOU, are:

  • To conduct joint research on drug development trends in China and the U.S.,

  • To develop a drug development training program in China, modeled after Tufts CSDD’s annual Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development, and Regulation,

  • To co-sponsor symposia on global pharmaceutical policies and trends, and

  • To establish an intern exchange program between the two Centers.

To date, the Tufts CSDD–Fudan SCDDD partnership has been extremely productive. As of July 2018, the two Centers have jointly published in peer-reviewed journals three research papers on drug regulatory and policy reform in China, and access to new pharmaceutical products in China relative to the U.S. Also, Center directors Drs. Shao and Kaitin have co-chaired symposia on pharmaceutical innovation at multiple venues in China, including at the annual Shanghai International Forum on Biotechnology & the Pharmaceutical Industry. Further, in fall 2016, Tufts CSDD hosted a Fudan SCDDD intern, whose research focused on pharmaceutical policy issues in the U.S. And in November 2018 in Shanghai, the two Centers will be hosting their fourth annual Fudan SCDDD–Tufts CSDD Training Course for Drug R&D: Managing the Biopharmaceutical R&D Process. This first-of-its-kind academic training program in China has attracted a broad range of individuals from the pharmaceutical sector who want advanced training in pharmaceutical R&D and a broader understanding of the landscape for biomedical innovation.