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doi: 10.1177/2168479018769292

Commentaries, Editorials & Chapters in Books


Cohen JP. Health Economic Modeling: Fact or Fiction? Useful to Policymakers in Spite of Untruths, in (ed.) Including a Symposium on Mary Morgan: Curiosity, Imagination, and Surprise (Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology. Emerald Publishing Limited. 2018;36(B):11-21.

Cohen JP, DiMasi JA, Kaitin KI. CER’s Impact on Drug Development Strategy and Innovation - Decision Making in a World of Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Practical Guide. Editors: Birnbaum HG, Greenberg PE. Adis:Springer. Singapore 2017;6:63-73.


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Milne CP, Ni W. Commentary: The Use of Social Media in Orphan Drug Development. Clinical Therapeutics 2017;39(11):2173-2179. 

Milne CP. Editorial: Regulation vs. Innovation: Are We Getting It Right? Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management 2017;38.

Tufts CSDD Impact Reports (by subscription)


Adoption of artificial intelligence is high across drug development
May/June 2019, Vol. 21 No.3

Outsourcing outpaces internal spending but remains tactical and reactive
March/April 2019, Vol. 21 No. 2

U.S. continues to lead new drug R&D, but Asia-Pacific is starting to rise
January/February 2019, Vol. 21 No. 1


Global Biotech Product Development Continues its Multi-Decade Surge
November/December 2018, Vol. 20 No. 6

CNS Drugs Take 20% Longer to Develop and to Approve vs. Non-CNS Drugs
September/October 2018, Vol. 20 No. 5

Rising Protocol Complexity is Hindering Study Performance, Cost, and Efficiency
July/August 2018, Vol. 20, No.4

Patent-to-Launch Time for Orphan Drugs is 2.3 Years Longer vs. Other Drugs
May/June 2018, Vol. 20, No.3

Clinical Site Initiation Process Remains Lengthy and Highly Inefficient
March/April 2018, Vol. 20 No. 2

eClinical Data Volume and Diversity Pose Increasing Challenges and Delays
January/February 2018, Vol. 20 No. 1

White Papers


Assessing the Economics of Single-Source Vs. Multi-Vendor Manufacturing
This report examines the impact on development costs and net returns for drug developers if clinical development cycle times are reduced, which has implications for development efficiency, innovation incentives, and earlier access by patients to new therapies. The analysis is conducted in the context of estimated differences in development times between single-source and multi-source outsourced contract manufacturing. The full study has been submitted for peer-reviewed publication.


Manufacturing strategy for diverse biologic pipelines of the future
Baaj A, Kaitin KI, Serebrov M. White Paper. Manufacturing strategy for diverse biologic pipelines of the future. Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston MA, October 2015. (Updated 2017)


Challenges to Orphan Drug Development
Milne CP, Smith Z, Ni W. Challenges to Orphan Drug Development. Tufts CSDD Whitepaper. Published: November 2017.