Calling All Biopharmaceutical Companies: We Need Your Help (& Data)!

CSDD Cost Study Graphic #1-2

Participating in the study is crucial for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to ensure that current, comprehensive data informs R&D strategies and regulatory discussions. Given the growth and significance of small firms in the biopharmaceutical landscape in recent years, we are making an effort in the current study to gather data additionally for the small firm sector. A new estimate is essential for guiding policymaking and fostering innovation in biopharmaceutical development worldwide.

To learn more and get involved, contact the study's principal investigator, Dr. Joseph DiMasi.


Tufts CSDD’s R&D cost study is published in the Journal of Health Economics. The citation for the article is:

DiMasi JA, Grabowski HG, Hansen RA. Innovation in the pharmaceutical industry: new estimates of R&D costs. Journal of Health Economics 2016;47:20-33.


02/03/2015 - Dr. Joseph DiMasi, lead economist for the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development's (CSDD) recently released study results on the R&D costs of new drug development, received a letter from the Union for Affordable Cancer Treatment (UACT) posing a series of questions about the study. The UACT letter, as well as Dr. DiMasi’s detailed response, are posted here. Tufts CSDD remains committed to responding to questions about our cost study’s methodology and findings, and we welcome the opportunity to engage in a productive dialogue with all interested stakeholders regarding the study’s implications. 

To view the letters, see the following links:


Tufts CSDD hosted a briefing on November 18, 2014 to present results of its study, updating the total average cost of developing and winning market approval for a new prescription drug. 

The following documents related to the study are available for download: