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About Our Programs 

Tufts CSDD offers a variety of custom on-site and virtual Drug Development Training Courses covering fundamental areas of drug development and regulatory science, and hot topics on issues, challenges, new practices, and solutions. Programs are customized to the specific needs of individual organizations. Below is a list of topics from which to choose and design your program. Tufts CSDD can also work with you to add topics not listed below. Once you have selected topics of interest, Tufts CSDD will prepare a proposal and budget and will identify and engage faculty:

CORE Modules

  1. Overview of Pharmaceutical R&D
  2. The Discovery and Pre-Clinical Process
  3. Basic Translational Medicine
  4. Overview of Clinical Trial Designs
  5. Global Regulatory Science - Generating Evidence for Regulatory Approval
  6. CMC, Clinical Supplies and Quality Management in Drug Development
  7. Pharmacovigilance, Post marketing Surveillance and Risk Management
  8. Managing Strategic Partners, External Collaborators, and Service Providers
  9. Cross-Functional Team Organization and Leadership
  10. Enhancing Communications, Decision Making and Issue Resolution

Management/Leadership Modules

a) Current Challenges Facing your Drug Development Teams

b) Enhancing Productivity and Performance of Remote or Distributed Teams

c) Conflict Resolution and Improved Communications

d) Advanced Communication Skills

e) Accelerating Product Development: Advanced Project Planning Strategies

f) Creating the Right Incentives and Accountability Requirements


Specialized Technical Modules

g) Principles of Clinical Pharmacology

h) Adaptive and Master Protocol Design

i) Biostatistics and the Role of Randomization in Clinical Trials

j) Vaccine Product Development

k) Biosimilar Product Development

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