Every year Tufts CSDD produces and moderates roundtables and executive forums to explore and discuss strategic hot topics.

Recent roundtables have focused on the following:

tufts csdd roundtables forums
·       Strategies addressing intentional dose nonadherence to reduce clinical trial risk
·       New strategies and practices to mitigate the impact of rising protocol design complexity
·       Challenges in implementing ICH E6 (R2) guidelines
·       Anticipating workforce changes in response to digital transformation
·       Challenges and uses of genomics in drug discovery and development
·       The role and challenges of social media in pharmacovigilance


Between 45 and 75 delegates (e.g., senior managers, department heads) typically attend each program. Roundtables and forums usually include both lectures and moderated discussions with subject matter experts. Tufts CSDD manages and produces all program elements. High level themes and insights from roundtable programs and forums are published in journals and white papers stimulating industry-wide awareness and dialogue. Roundtable output may also lead to subsequent Tufts CSDD research activity. 

To contact Tufts CSDD to discuss a roundtable or forum topic: 
Please contact Sarah Wrobel at sarah.wrobel@tufts.edu