Global Biotech Data & Analysis


Coming Soon — The New Tufts CSDD Global Biotech Data & Analysis E-Sourcebook!

The E-Sourcebook is a fully searchable, comprehensive database and analysis on the biotechnology industry for the twenty-year period 2001-2020. It includes benchmarks and detailed data and information on more than 440 products; 300 biotech companies and 25 leading pharma companies. Data, summary charts and analysis are presented on: company financials, R&D spending and sales, and merger and acquisitions; clinical trials tracking, research activity, and regulatory approvals; biotechnology regulations and laws.  

Authored by Ronald Evens, an internationally recognized biotech industry expert and an adjunct faculty member at Tufts CSDD, The Global Biotech Data & Analysis E-Sourcebook will be available for purchase in the fall 2021.


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