Tufts CSDD produces and hosts a variety of educational programs and events for global drug development professionals. In addition to its internationally recognized and established programs including the Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development and Regulation, and the Leadership Course for Drug Development Teams, Tufts CSDD also produces and facilitates customized programs, roundtables, and executive forums that can be delivered virtually or on-site. Tufts CSDD programs are taught by internationally recognized practitioners, regulators, and academics. 

Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development, and Regulation

Tufts CSDD’s Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development, and Regulation will resume in 2022 as an interactive online event. This highly acclaimed program provides advanced instruction in practical and technical problem-solving in the areas of clinical pharmacology, drug and biologics development, clinical trial strategies and execution, drug safety, and new drug regulation. Postgraduate Course in Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Development, and Regulation

2021 Fall Leadership for Drug Development Professionals

This is a highly interactive online case-based course bringing together team leaders, program managers, functional directors and other drug development professionals from across the industry to build leadership skills, improve cross-functional performance, and enhance R&D productivity. Delegates meet in large and small groups over the course of four weeks. Tufts CSDD holds the Leadership for Drug Development Teams course several times each year. Custom programs are also available for professionals within a single            organization. 2021 Fall Leadership for Drug Development Professionals

Grab ‘n Go Half Day Programs

Designed for professionals with very tight schedules, this half-day program focuses on critical leadership skills and management practice development. All Grab n’ Go courses combine lecture and small group discussion to generate actionable ideas and insights that can be put into practice immediately. Class sizes are limited. Grab ‘n Go Half Day Programs

On-Site and Virtual Programs

Tufts CSDD offers a variety of custom on-site and virtual Drug Development Training Courses covering foundational areas of drug development and regulatory science, as well as hot topics and leading-edge solutions and practices. Programs are customized to the specific needs of individual organizations. On-Site and Virtual Programs

Roundtables and Forums

Every year Tufts CSDD produces and moderates roundtables and management forums to explore and discuss strategic hot topics. High level themes and insights from these programs are published in journals and white papers and may stimulate subsequent Tufts CSDD research activity. Roundtable and forum topics are created by Tufts CSDD or are suggested by drug development professionals. Roundtables and Forums