May 2024

Mapping Baseline ChatGPT Usage to Support Drug Development

Applied Clinical Trials

(May 21, 2024). Access article. 

Phesi Launches Predictive Patient Burden Score To Improve Trial Efficiency, Patient Experience and Investigator Site Performance

Technology Networks: Drug Discovery

(May 20, 2024). Access article. 

Pharma Pulse 5/20/24: The Future of RBQM Adoption, AI Innovating Pregnancy Care and Cancer Screening & more


(May 20, 2024). Access article. 

The Future of RBQM Adoption

Applied Clinical Trials

(May 17, 2024). Access article. 

Potential Pitfalls Without RBQM Adoption

Applied Clinical Trials

(May 16, 2024). Access article. 

Increasing Comfortability with Adopting Risk-Based Approaches

Applied Clinical Trials

(May 14, 2024). Access article. 

Telehealth Framework Sets Stage for Decentralized Clinical Trials in Oncology

Targeted Oncology

(May 14, 2024). Access article. 

Clinical Trials Support Service Market to Witness a Rise in Revenue of US$ 47.1 Billion by 2032


(May 9, 2024). Access article. 

Lokavant Expands Team to Drive Strategic Directions of AI-Based Clinical Trial Feasibility Solution


(May 7, 2024). Access article.

April 2024

Egnyte to Host Fourth Annual Life Sciences Summit for Emerging Biotech Companies

EIN News

(April 18, 2024). Access article. 

Medable Achieves 75% eConsent Adoption Across Elderly Patients in Pivotal U.S. Renal Care Clinical Trial


(April 16, 2024). Access article. 

Shorter, Faster, Cheaper: Powerful New Data on Digital Endpoints

Clinical Leader

(April 16, 2024). Access article. 

Industry Assessment of Risk-Based Quality Management Emphasized Value of Adoption

Applied Clinical Trials

(April 4, 2024). Access article. 

Scope of Industry Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) Adoption Revealed


(April 2, 2024). Access article.

March 2024

Global Trends in R&D 2024 Webinar


(March 27, 2024). Access webinar.

The Rise Fall and Eventual Rebound of DCTs

Clinical Leader

(March 25, 2024). Access article

Digital Clinical Trial Recruitment Market 2024 [Latest Trends]: Analysis Future Opportunity and Demand Forecast Year 2030

Open PR

(March 20, 2024). Access article

Utilizing Generative Artificial Intelligence to Increase the Understandability of Inpatient Discharge Summaries

Applied Clinical Trials

(March 20, 2024). Access article

Site Centricity, Connected Data, and AI: 3 Trends From SCOPE Summit To Watch in 2024


(March 19, 2024). Access article

5 Things Patient Organizations With Pharmaceutical Companies 


(March 18, 2024). Access article

How AI is Being Used to Accelerate Clinical Trials


(March 13, 2024). Access article

Diversity in Clinical Trials: Strategies and Challenges

Applied Clinical Trials

(March 7, 2024). Access article

PALADIN Releases Playbook & Resource Repository to Support More Effective Patient Advocacy Group & Biopharmaceutical Company Collaborations

PR Newswire

(March 6, 2024). Access article

February 2024

AB Science Announces That Health Canada Has Issued a Notice of Non-Compliance-Withdrawal  (NON/w) for Masitinib in ALS


(February 26, 2024). Access article

The FDA Speaks Up for Quality Management Must They Beg

Clinical Leader 

(February 20, 2024). Access article

9 Ways Unified Clinical Data Cloud Platforms Solve Data Challenges in Rare Diseases

Clinical Leader 

(February 8, 2024). Access article

From Words to Action: Advancing Efforts to Reduce the Racial Gap in Clinical Research

Applied Clinical Trials

(February 7, 2024). Access article

Medable's Enhanced Electronic Consent Making Patients Feel More Human and Less Like Study Subjects

Outsourcing Pharma

(February 6, 2024). Access article

Medable Announces Results from Research Project with Duke BASE Lab to Study Patient Preference of eIC in Clinical Trials


(February 2, 2024). Access article

January 2024

Lokavant Introduces First Source-Agnostic Data Engine to Drive Better Clinical Trial Decision-Making and Improve Performance

Yahoo! Finance

(January 31, 2024). Access article

DIA, Tufts CSDD Collaborate to Examine the Current Use and Experience with AI in Drug Development


(January 31, 2024). Access article

Increasing Equity in Health Care Access and Clinical Trial Participation Among African Americans


(January 11, 2024). Access article

Medable - Reimagining the Way Clinical Trials are Deployed and Cutting Trial Build Times by Half

Outsourcing Pharma

(January 9, 2024). Access article

Quantifying the Site Burden to Optimize Protocol Performance 

Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science (TIRS)

(2024). Access article

December 2023

Anticipating Near-Term Structural Change in the Outsourcing Landscape

Applied Clinical Trials 

(December 22, 2023). Access article.

Connecting the Clinical Ecosystem to Alleviate Site Burden


(December 11, 2023). Access article.

Shining a Light on Inefficiencies in Protocol Amendment Implementation

Applied Clinical Trials 

(December 6, 2023). Access article.

A Case Study Assessment on the Rationale for, and Relevance of, Non-Core Protocol Data

Applied Clinical Trials

(December 1, 2023). Access article.

November 2023

Clinical Research Sites Have Spoken: How Can Sponsors and CROs Improve the Site Experience?

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) (November 21, 2023). Access article

October 2023

Assessing Sponsor Attitudes Toward Retail Pharmacy Involvement in Clinical Trial Recruitment and Execution

Applied Clinical Trials (October 30, 2023). Access article


Red Jacket: Ken Getz, a champion of clinical trials

PharmaVoice (October 27, 2023). Access article


Outsourcing Model Usage and its Relationship to Clinical Trial Performance

Applied Clinical Trials (October 12, 2023). Access article


DCT Tracker: Are sponsors getting better at conducting DCTs?

Clinical Trials Arena  (October 3, 2023). Access article




September 2023

In Search of Attributes Predictive of Collaborative Effectiveness

Applied Clinical Trials (September 8, 2023). Access article



 August 2023

Public Misunderstanding of Clinical Trials

Applied Clinical Trials (August 3, 2023). Access article


July 2023

No Additional CSDD News


 June 2023

DIA 2023: Impact of Exclusionary Behaviors on Team Dynamics

Emily Botto | Applied Clinical Trials (June 29, 2023). Access article


New research highlights a significant and continued gap in achieving diversity in clinical trials of medical therapies

Cision PR Newswire (June 21, 2023). Access article



STAT Virtual Event – Decoding Clinical Trials: How to Spot and Avoid Clinical Trial Risk

Kenneth A. Getz | STAT  (June 9, 2023). Access article


Introducing PALADIN

Kenneth A. Getz, Emily Botto, Abigail Dirks, et al. | Applied Clinical Trials  (June 8, 2023). Access article


Optimizing the Process for Adopting DCT Solutions

Kenneth A. Getz | Applied Clinical Trials  (June 8, 2023). Access article


 May 2023

WCG rolls out new solution to boost clinical trial predictability

Clinical Trial Arena (May 10, 2023). Access article


How anti-Asian racism manifested at work in the pandemic

Jennifer Kim, Zhida Shang | McGill (May 15, 2023). Access article


April 2023

No Additional CSDD News


March 2023

Examining the Impact of Exclusionary Behaviors on Team Dynamics

Jennifer Kim, Emily Botto (March 24, 2023). Access article


Research: How Anti-Asian Racism Has Manifested at Work in the Pandemic

Jennifer Kim, Zhida Shang (March 13, 2023). Access article


Assessing Investigative Site Outlook and Operating Experience Post-Pandemic

Kenneth A. Getz, Abigail Dirks, Beth Harper (March 7, 2023). Access article


Rebooting the Statistic That 5% of Eligible Patients Participate in Clinical Trials

Kenneth A. Getz (March 2, 2023). Access article


February 2023

The Impact of Decentralized and Hybrid Trials on Sponsor-CRO Collaborations, SCOPE Summit (Summit for Clinical Operations Executives), February 8, Orlando, Florida

Mary Jo Lamberti (February, 2023). View website


Patient recruitment: can pharmacists fill both prescriptions and clinical trials?

Kenneth A. Getz, Urtė Fultinavičiūtė  (February 9, 2023). Access article




January 2023


Kenneth A. Getz, Maureen Farrell  | The New York Times (January 27, 2023). Access article


An Examination of the Role of the Clinical Research Associate and Factors Impacting Performance and Experience 

Mary Jo Lamberti, Abigail Dirks, Robert Howie, Kenneth A. Getz  (January, 2023). Access article



December 2022

No, I Do Belong: How Asian American and Asian Canadian Professionals Defy and Counter Workplace Racial Violence during COVID-19

Jennifer Y. Kim, Zhida Shang (December 7, 2022). Access article


November 2022

Methods to recruit healthcare providers for virtual advisory boards in drug development

Kim J, Botto E. (November 17, 2022). Access article

October 2022

5 Ways To Expand Racial & Ethnic Diversity In Clinical Trials

Clinical Leader (October 13, 2022). Access article


Will DCTs Become The Norm?

Clinical Leader (October 5, 2022). Access article

September 2022

Key Clinical Trial Industry Themes Post-COVID

Applied Clinical Trials (September 22, 2022). Access article


Life Sciences BPO Market US $419.6 Bn by the end of 2027

Digital Journal (September 21, 2022). Access article


Redefining CRO Sourcing Model Terminology to Optimize Outsourcing Strategies

Applied Clinical Trials (September 20, 2022). Access article


Digital Clinical Architecture for Modern Researchers

Applied Clinical Trials (September 16, 2022). Access article


Trial and Error: How Digitalization is a Game-Changer for Clinical Research

PharmiWeb (September 13, 2022). Access article


Adapting Site Selection for Clinical Trial Decentralization and the Future Landscape

Applied Clinical Trials (September 6, 2022). Access article

August 2022

Examining the Current Value of Listings for Patients and the Public

Applied Clinical Trials (August 12, 2022). Access article


Tufts' Ken Getz: Onerous Clinical Trial Protocols Contribute to High Failure Rates

BioSpace (August 10, 2022). Access article

July 2022

Tufts Finds Substantial Net Benefits To Using Decentralized Trials

Clinical Leader (July 28, 2022). Access article


Investment in Decentralized Clinical Trials Pays Off: Analysis

Outsourcing Pharma (July 28, 2022). Access article


The Missing Link in Clinical Trial Recruitment

Applied Clinical Trials (July 27, 2022). Access article


Who might better benefit from KRAS and PD-1 combos? New Mirati drug study offers a clue

Fierce Biotech (July 26, 2022). Access article


People more likely to take part in trials that use decentralized tech: study

Fierce Biotech (July 15, 2022). Access article


New Data Reveals DCTs Yield Better Clinical Trial ROI

Applied Clinical Trials (July 19, 2022). Access article


Personalized medicine growth hindered by outmoded drug development paradigm

Regulatory Focus (July 11, 2022). Access article


Decentralized clinical trials, patient experience and the role of supply chain management

Fierce Biotech (July 4, 2022). Access article


Orphan Drug Development

PharmaTimes (July 7, 2022). Access article

June 2022

Clinical trial data surge driving demand for management tech, Medidata says

Fierce Biotech (June 28, 2022). Access article


Life Sciences BPO Market to Receive Overwhelming Hike in Revenues by 2027

Digital Journal (June 28, 2022). Access article


The Days of Big Pharma Are Over. What the Era of Big Biotech Means for Investors.

Barron's (June 17, 2022). Access article


Rare disease on payer’s minds

PharmaLive (June 15, 2022). Access article

May 2022

Lack of diversity in clinical trials isn’t just a recruiting problem—it’s a data problem

MedCity News (May 24, 2022). Access article


Pivotal Trials For EU Approval Still Underrepresent Minorities, Study Finds

Informa (May 6, 2022). Access article


Race is often overlooked in key clinical trial data used to win new drug approvals in Europe

StatNews (May 4, 2022). Access article

April 2022

Central Nervous System Therapeutics Market - Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2022 - 2027)

Report Linker (April 22, 2022). Access article

Over 10,000 Diseases And Only 50 Drugs Approved In 2021. To Improve Pharma R&D Efficiency We Need To Understand It.

Forbes (April 11, 2022). Access article

Why clinical trials need expert support for ongoing success

Clinical Trials Arena (April 6, 2022). Access article

March 2022

Restoring trust in clinical trials among Black communities

MedCity News (March 18, 2022). Access article

Measuring Patient Satisfaction as a Primary Outcome for Patient-Centric Initiatives

Applied Clinical Trials (March 17, 2022). Access article

eClinical Solutions Drives Strong Annual Growth Marked by New Products, Employee Hirings, and Expansion in West Coast and European Life Science Markets

Business Wire (March 10, 2022). Access article

February 2022

Characterizing the Process of Adopting Innovations Supporting Drug Development Operations

Applied Clinical Trials (February 7, 2022). Access article

January 2022

No End in Sight for Trial Complexity, CSDD Report Reveals

CenterWatch (January 17, 2022). Access article

Tufts links decentralized clinical trials to shorter cycle times, cost savings

Outsourcing Pharma (January 28, 2022). Access article 


Decentralized clinical trials can achieve net financial benefits 5 to 14 times

The Health Guild (January 13, 2022). Access article


New Study: Decentralized Clinical Trials Can Achieve Net Financial Benefits of 5X to 14X, Due to Reduced Trial Timelines and Other Factors

Business Wire (January 13, 2022). Access article


Not just for a pandemic: Decentralized clinical trials pay off financially, study finds

Fierce Biotech (January 12, 2022). Access article


Latest financial model shows substantial net benefits for sponsors that use DCTs

Medable (January 12, 2022). Download White Paper

Trial by fire: More study protocols are experiencing substantial — and costly — changes

StatNews (January 10, 2022). Access article

December 2021

To Increase Diversity in Clinical Trials, First Increase Staff Diversity

TuftsNow (December 3, 2021). Access article

November 2021

Dedicated Sites, Private Practices Outdoing AMCs on Diversity Front                   

CenterWatch (November 15, 2021). Access article


Clinical trial sites face challenges in diversifying personnel and participants, study finds          

StatNews (November 5, 2021). Access article


Race, ethnicity of trial patients 'highly correlated' with staff of site investigators: study

FierceBiotech (November 3, 2021). Access article


Diversity of Site Staff Highly Associated with Diversity of Patients Enrolled Trials, According to Tufts

Applied Clinical Trials (November 2, 2021). Access article