Selected areas of study can be conducted by Tufts CSDD with the support of endowed research grants in memory of, and to honor, individuals and organizations. Endowed research grants are typically established to support studies that can be repeated and updated over time. Endowed research grants can include a scholarly study and a subsequent roundtable or forum to review and discuss study results and their implications. 
Individuals and organizations work with Tufts CSDD to develop an area of scholarly study and subsequent communication and dissemination activity, select a name for the study, and endow a research grant.  
All future reference and attribution to the results and insights from the endowed research grant funded study will invoke the name of the individual or organization honored.

For more information about setting up an Endowed Research Grant:

Please contact Tufts CSDD Director Ken Getz at

Kenneth I Kaitin Research Endowment Fund 

Honoring the former director of the Tufts CSDD for his legacy in drug development research, education, and advocacy

Countless patients face diseases that could be prevented or treated with the right medication. The path to these medications is long and challenging under the best of circumstances. Inefficiencies in the drug development process combined with regulatory complexities hamper optimized drug development and access to safe, affordable, and effective medications.

For nearly 50 years – 23 under the leadership of Ken Kaitin – the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) has been a driving force globally in documenting the time, cost, and risk of new drug development, identifying mechanisms for improving R&D efficiency and productivity, shaping public policy around regulatory processes, and educating the next generation of drug development professionals.


To honor Professor Kaitin’s transformative contributions as the long-time director of the CSDD, we invite you to contribute to the Kenneth I. Kaitin Fund. Contributions to this fund will support an inaugural empirical research study focusing on assessing the impact of recent regulatory reforms on the development and commercialization of new medicines. A supplemental endowment will secure the Kenneth I. Kaitin Fund in perpetuity to sustain CSDD research on factors impacting pharmaceutical development and commercialization, along with educational priorities, in honor of Dr. Kaitin.

“The overriding challenge for the pharmaceutical industry today is managing the ever-rising cost and risk involved in bringing innovative new medicines to market, while ensuring that these breakthrough treatments remain affordable and accessible to the patients who need them.”
Kenneth Kaitin, Ph.D
Professor at Tufts University School of Medicine & Senior Fellow at Tufts CSDD


Through this fund, we honor Ken's legacy by supporting CSDD initiatives that reflect his commitment to innovation, education, and collaboration in drug development:

Education that enhances leadership and cross-functional performance in the sector

Seminal longitudinal studies designed to monitor and update critical trends

A robust annual research agenda toward optimized drug development performance



For more than three decades, Ken Kaitin has dedicated his career to transforming pharmaceutical development. As Director, he established the Center as a key organization for collaborative efforts to speed up the delivery of new treatments to patients. His work significantly shaped the field, reflecting its global and multidisciplinary nature, and addressed the challenges of drug development efficiency and regulatory innovation. Under his leadership, CSDD has produced influential publications like the Tufts CSDD Impact Report and Drug Cost Studies, offering valuable insights into pharmaceutical R&D.

Beyond his administrative and research contributions, Ken Kaitin has been instrumental in advancing professional development within the pharmaceutical sector. He expanded educational offerings on critical topics such as biopharmaceutical development and team leadership, building on the foundational work of CSDD founder Louis Lasagna. This initiative has empowered a new generation of leaders in drug development. Ken Kaitin's international recognition as an expert on drug development science and policy is also notable, with contributions that include public testimony before the U.S. Congress and consultancy for the U.S. Department of Defense on bioterror countermeasures.



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